Determination Issue

Classique Q&A Magazine 4th Edition

We are back with the 4th Edition of Classique Q&A Magazine and it is tipping with individuals DETERMINED to make it against all odds! Did that give you a clue? Of course!!! The Fourth Issue is called DETERMINATION – cool points to you for guessing 😉.
Now, what does DETERMINATION mean to you? You see, for so many of us who’ve had our backs against the wall, it seemed like there was no hope of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel sometimes and the dream of ‘making it’ was often far-fetched. 
issue 4 classique q&a magazine

But fret not.......

because in this issue, not only will you come across DETERMINED Individuals, you’ll also enjoy reading about their strategies, goals and copying mechanisms that they have used to achieve their goals. Are you ready?!!! We are so excited and our featured DETERMINED champion is Kingsley Bassey who considered himself overweight until at one point he was DETERMINED to start living a healthy life.

Want a sneak peak?